New Year, New You!

Posted on November 16, 2017


Brought to you by Barbara’s in collaboration with Andrea Donsky

One of the best things about the New Year, besides the parties, is the opportunity to start fresh. When I hear the words to “Auld Lang Syne,” it’s a signal to sweep out the old and welcome the new. The new includes—you guessed it—New Year’s resolutions!

Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around health, such as vowing to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, or quit smoking. Regardless of the resolution, you can help your clients and yourself stick to those promises by adopting the following tips:

Take small, manageable steps. If your clients want to lose 30 pounds by June, plan out their goals based on weeks rather than months. Set an attainable objective to lose one pound per week or every 10 days, which is less intimidating than focusing on the “big” number. They will still be encouraged to reach their goal, but with minimal stress.

Keep your resolution alive. Do you keep track of important events on your calendar? If so, encourage your clients to do the same with their resolutions. Tell them to schedule time to accomplish their goals such as “gym at 10.00a.m.,” “swimming at 2.00p.m.,” or “buy organics at farmers market on Monday.” They can also set alerts on their phones to remind them of their resolution commitments.

Think journey, not resolution. Words are powerful, so if “resolution,” “diet,” or “eat more vegetables” make your clients feel helpless, here are some strategies on how they can take back their power! Viewing their New Year’s promises as a “journey” rather than a chore enables them to stay in control. Encourage them to use positive mantras like, “From now on I’ll walk to the post office instead of driving” or “I’ll try three healthy recipes each week.” (Hint: Barbara’s has many delicious suggestions!) If they think of their endeavor as a living journey, and not a sacrifice, they will be more likely to succeed and reach their goals.

Buddy up. A resolution can be easier if we share it with a friend. Whether we walk together, call each other daily to encourage each other’s healthful eating plan, exchange low-sugar recipes, or clip and swap coupons to save money, making your journey to health a shared experience can improve chances of success.

Celebrate! I’m a big fan of acknowledging my achievements along the way, and treating myself once I reach my goal. For example, if one of your clients loses 10 pounds, perhaps it’s time for them to get that massage they dreamed about or check out that movie they wanted to see. If they’re looking for a sweeter celebration, they can try Barbara’s no-bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffin Balls, which are full of low-fat, dairy-free, wheat-free goodness that they’ll be excited to celebrate with!

Re-evaluate often. Every few weeks, ask your clients to take inventory of their journey. If something isn’t going quite right, that’s okay. They can make adjustments and give themselves credit for what they have accomplished thus far. Reassuring and supporting them every step of the way could mean the difference between success and failure.

Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year!

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