Healthy Family Travel Tips

family with children at the airport

School is almost out and so are the road maps, suitcases, and lists of vacation destinations. The busiest family travel and vacation time of the year is finally here, and you’ll want your clients’ vacations to be as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. That includes making sure everyone has healthy, nutritious snacks and meals while they’re on the road, in the air, and at their final destination.

Be sure to emphasize to your clients that preparation is key. With just a minimal amount of planning, your clients, and their families, can steer clear of fatty, sugary, empty-calorie foods and snacks and completely enjoy their food choices. They can even save money at the same time!

In the car: There’s nothing like an old-fashioned road trip! Be sure to recommend they bring along a cooler for water and all of their favorite snacks, including fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, and ready-made dips such as salsa and hummus. Also be sure to recommend that they prepare and pack a few snack mixes for the trip, including Yale Puffins Snack Mix or Barbara’s Mornings & Spoonfuls Fun Mix. They can put them in an airtight container so they’ll be ready for the road!

On a plane: Most airlines no longer offer anything more than ho-hum little packaged snacks, and buying everyone something from the concession stands prior to boarding can quickly put a dent in their vacation budget and their promise to eat healthy. Why not ask them to pack a few delicious treats in their carry-on bag, such as Shredded Spoonfuls Seasoned Snack Mix, Barbara’s Cheese Puffs, or Barbara’s Puffins Fun Mix? They can pack them in a sealed container to go through security so they can snack in style during the flight!

On foot and on the beach: Hiking, sightseeing on foot, and visiting the beach are vacation modes in which your clients will want to travel light while also enjoying some great energy foods. Barbara’s Better Granola Oatmeal Bars and Snackimals Cereal Bars are packed with protein and are easy to tote along. Be sure to emphasize the importance of bringing along plenty of water in reusable water bottles.

Eating out: Today’s technology has made it easy to investigate dining out options while on the road and once they’ve reached a new destination. Your clients can use their smart phone, tablet, or laptop to check out menus online, search for local farmers markets for fresh produce, and find grocery stores that offer healthy choices.

Here’s wishing you and your clients a healthy and delightful vacation and travel season!