Barbara’s 2017 Breakfast Survey + 5 Tips for Better Breakfasts

For many families, school mornings are hectic! We conducted a survey with more than 1,000 parents across the nation to uncover the real challenges families are facing to make sure kids start their days with the best nutrition possible.

The results were surprising, and showed that one in every five children go without breakfast at least once per week, with 38 percent of parents saying this is due to lack of time and hectic mornings. The number of children who skip breakfast at least once per week surges to 50 percent for those who typically eat on-the-go or in the car, demonstrating a direct correlation between eating breakfast on-the-go and poor nutrition in the morning.
To help all kids and families get a nutritious start to the day, we’re sharing 5 Better Breakfast tips from Frances Largeman Roth, RDN and mother of three. Read on below, and click here for her full Better Breakfast tips!

  1. Breakfast Time Over Screen Time – save time in the mornings by making it clear that breakfast time needs to come before kids turn on the TV or play with their phone.
  2. Better Breakfasts – help them make better choices like 100% fruit juice and lower sugar cereals like Puffins, which are also packed with whole grains.
  3. Add Color! – kids like food that’s colorful, so offer brightly colored fruit when possible to tempt their taste buds.
  4. Streamline Set-up – our survey showed kids who eat on the go are more likely to have unhealthy habits, so prep in advance – like setting out bowls, spoons etc. the night before.
  5. Always Have Backup! – make healthy breakfast options in advance that can be taken on the go just in case you still run out of time.

What’s your best tip to eat healthy in the morning? Feel free to share with us on Facebook or Instagram, and we hope these tips inspire your clients to think about better breakfast choices for their own families!

With love,