Pumpkin Puffins, Spotted on Shelves!

When it comFN-ShowLogo-HungryGirl-616x347es to guilt-free eating, Hungry Girl is the ultimate source for tips, recipes, supermarket finds and more! So when our Pumpkin Puffins made their product spotlight for “guilt-free fall flavors you’ll flip over”, we were beyond thrilled. Noted for being a whole-grain cereal that is “gluten-free, low in sugar, and vegan friendly” and containing prebiotic dietary fiber, a one-cup serving of Pumpkin Puffins has 110 calories and .5g of fat. Whether it’s eaten straight up, or over milk, the team at Hungry Girl is “way excited to play around with this cereal in the kitchen — parfaits, snack mixes, even desserts!”. Click here for more.Pumpkin_Transparent