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Kid's Corner

Fun, fun and more fun! Test your memory and skills with our awesome games. Then, get creative! You can make your own tee shirts with our easy-to-use iron-on transfers, then get out your crayons and markers for our cool Puffins coloring pages.

Snackimals™ Dash App

Help the Blue Monkey on his mission to find healthy snacks for you and your friends!

Download the Free iTunes App Here! or the Free Android App Here!

Snackimals Dash Main Menu

Dash-Game Play

Snackimals™ T-Shirt Artwork

It’s easy! Just click on any of the fun designs below to print artwork to iron-on transfer paper from your home computer. Then, get some help to iron it onto your favorite tee shirt.



Coloring Pages

Click on any of the Puffins illustrations below so you can print coloring pages. Don’t forget to be a good conservationist and save paper! Once you print a design, you can flip it over and put it back into your printer to print on both sides.


Spot the Difference!

Can you spot the difference between the two scenes?



Find your way through the Snackimals Maze!

Help the Snackimals Tiger find its friends! Download the PDF from the image below to begin navigating!


Puffin Facts

  • Puffins can live up to 20 years or more
  • The oldest known puffin lived to be 36 years old
  • Female puffins lay only one egg per year and usually keep the same mate every season
  • Puffins can fly up to 55 miles per hour
  • A Puffin can carry 20 fish at a time in its beak while diving to fish
  • Puffins are usually 10 inches tall - the height of a quart of milk
  • The majority of a Puffin's life is spent in the open ocean