Pumpkin Puffins Receives Top Honors from POPSUGAR!

PopSugarWith the assortment of pumpkin-flavored products at an all-time high, the team at POPSUGAR decided to rank this year’s offerings from best to worst. We were excited to find Pumpkin Puffins up there with the best of the best! Calling them “fall at its finest”, POPSUGAR also notes Pumpkin Puffins for being “very pumpkin-y”. To read more about why they “couldn’t help but go back for a second handful…and then a third” click herepuffins-pumpkin

Eat Your Puffins, Dr.’s Orders!

Dr.ozm_Preference_logo Oz the Good Life Magazine set out to remind you how awesome cereal, “the ultimate convenience breakfast”, is — with a few tips on how to keep this effortless meal healthy. Among the cereals “that go easy on the sugar and cals but still make us happy” are our Original Puffins. “Sweet enough for a kid, fiber filled for a grownup”, the team of experts at Dr. Oz says that this combo “definitely works for us”. With only 90 calories and 5g of sugar per 3/4 cup serving, our Puffins offer spoonfuls of hearty, healthy, happy eating. To view the complete feature, visit herepuffins-original

Pumpkin Puffins Made with the Real Deal!

eatcleanlogoIt’s all in the name for the experts at Eat Clean, who value wholesome, natural ingredients above anything else. Knowing that clean eating doesn’t mean boring eating, they shared “the best pumpkin foods made with real pumpkin”, which featured items from waffles to kale chips to, you guessed it, Pumpkin Puffins! With Puffins already being one of their favorite low sugar cereals, it was “game over” for the Eat Clean team when real pumpkin came into play. Containing only 5 grams of sugar per serving, they’re a sweet treat you won’t feel guilty for diving into! You can see the full, delicious roundup here.puffins-pumpkin

Pumpkin Puffins, Spotted on Shelves!

When it comFN-ShowLogo-HungryGirl-616x347es to guilt-free eating, Hungry Girl is the ultimate source for tips, recipes, supermarket finds and more! So when our Pumpkin Puffins made their product spotlight for “guilt-free fall flavors you’ll flip over”, we were beyond thrilled. Noted for being a whole-grain cereal that is “gluten-free, low in sugar, and vegan friendly” and containing prebiotic dietary fiber, a one-cup serving of Pumpkin Puffins has 110 calories and .5g of fat. Whether it’s eaten straight up, or over milk, the team at Hungry Girl is “way excited to play around with this cereal in the kitchen — parfaits, snack mixes, even desserts!”. Click here for more.Pumpkin_Transparent

Back to School with Better Granola!

With the school year in full swing, norganic spaow’s the time to get back on the healthy breakfast bandwagon. Inspired by wholesome products, the team at Organic Spa Magazine created a list dedicated to breakfast foods that taste as good as they are for you. Featuring Barbara’s Better Granola which is “decadent” and “delicious”, the piece provides an array of healthy ideas that will tempt your taste buds. An honorary mention was also given to the “crunchy little pillows of goodness” that we call Pumpkin Puffins! Click here see the complete article. 9_11_granola_FB