Puffins Part of a Best-Selling Morning Routine!

bon appetitBest-selling author, Sloane Crosley, sat down with bon appetit Online’s “My Morning Routine” to discuss the foods she start and ends her days with, and everything in between.  We were elated to find out that our Puffins are amongst her breakfast essentials! When asked what her typical weekday breakfast is, Crosley stated “The Barbara’s Puffins have been a long time favorite”. She also admitted that she will “eat the entire box”. Since they’re low in sugar and fat, there’s no harm in indulging in these crunchy pillows of goodness! Read more about Sloane’s morning routine herepuffins-original

Susan Lucci Prefers Barbara’s Multigrain Puffins


Gluten Free & MoreLiving Without’s Gluten Free & More shared Susan Lucci’s tips for staying healthy, energized and satisfied while leading a busy lifestyle with certain food allergies. When asked her cereal preference, Lucci states, “I also like Barbara’s Multigrain Puffins” for a delicious gluten-free breakfast option. View the full piece here.


Heidi Klum Loves Barbara’s Fig Bars!

First for Women_cover

First for Women magazine recently featured Heidi Klum’s “sweet slimming treat” – Barbara’s Fig Bars! The article highlights Fig Bars as Klum’s “delicious way to stave off cravings on the go [with] just 110 calories per serving, plus deliver twice the filling fiber and 34 percent less belly-bloating sugar than standard fig cookie bars.” You can see the full article here.


Susan Lucci loves our Cinnamon Puffins!

first for women
First for Women featured Susan Lucci in the June 23 issue stating ” I really like [Barbara’s] Cinnamon Puffins…”

For the full story, check out First for Women’s June 23,2014 issue. puffins-cinnamon

Lea Michele loves our Cheese Puffs!

CheesePuffs-baked-031714Watch this Good Morning America segment (at 2:45) where Glee star Lea Michele shares her health and beauty secrets including Barbara’s Cheese Puffs!


Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psU8Xu5ex-E