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About Barbara’s

Since those first loaves more than 40 years ago, our product offerings have grown to include cereals, cookies, fig bars, and cheese puffs.


Barbara’s People

What’s more important than our products? Our dedicated employees who make it possible for us to continue to provide you with healthy and nutritious options!

Every so often, Barbara’s will introduce you to a new employee, so keep your eyes here to meet the whole family!

Deborah Flindall


How long have you been working at Barbara’s?
I’ve been at Barbara’s for over 12 years. My title is Research & Development Manager – Branded & Innovation. I am a food scientist who develops new products in collaboration with our Marketing and Sales teams to meet corporate objectives. This requires me to keep on top of new developments for healthy living and figure out how we can utilize these developments to enhance the nutritional, flavorful and textural benefits offered in our products.

Tell us what you enjoy doing outside of work.
I love to travel, read and play billiards. These are all a family affair in our household. I share my love of reading with my daughters who are constantly sharing their new finds with me and then we enjoy traveling together to the places we read about. The pool table in our games room has been a focus of many gatherings of family and friends. It’s a good way to get to keep in touch. We laugh, we confess, we share these moments; it keeps us close.

What was your first job?
Growing up I lived in a small town in Ohio where my Dad was manager of a bank and mayor of our town. When I was 13 my parents bought a tourist resort lodge in northern Ontario, Canada so we moved there and we worked as a team to ensure tourists had a wonderful vacation. My mom and I cooked all the meals and I served in the dining room; breakfast was served before I went to school and dinner when I came home. Weekends we spent cleaning cottages and getting ready for new guests. My brothers and I entertained any kids that came to stay by taking them on nature hikes, water skiing, or tubing down the river.

What Barbara’s products do you recommend to your friends?
Where do I begin? Certainly the high fiber cereals for my fellow boomers, they taste great and keep you going. But I also love the immunity boosting, low sodium, minimal sugars Puffins Puffs that my grandkids love. Cheese Puffs are pretty yummy too!

How would you finish this sentence? “My recipe for a healthy life includes __________.”
Eating healthy, exercise reasonably but foremost working diligently without negativity; keeping a positive and proactive innovative attitude in all that I do. I try to limit fats, sodium, sugars, eat lean meats and plenty of fiber. And when I walk, I walk fast.