Heidi Klum Loves Barbara’s Fig Bars!

First for Women_cover

First for Women magazine recently featured Heidi Klum’s “sweet slimming treat” – Barbara’s Fig Bars! The article highlights Fig Bars as Klum’s “delicious way to stave off cravings on the go [with] just 110 calories per serving, plus deliver twice the filling fiber and 34 percent less belly-bloating sugar than standard fig cookie bars.” You can see the full article here.


Shredded Wheat Called One Of The Healthiest Cereals On The Market!

Barbara’s Shredded Wheat was recently featured as one of the top healthiest cereals by the Diet Detective and Good Housekeeping! The cereal was touted as one of the top ten healthiest cereals on the market, as well as a top cereal in the no-sugar and no-sodium categories. Check out the full articles through the links above!

Good HousekeepingDiet Detective



Natural Solutions Magazine Loves Puffins Cereal!

Natural Solutions

Barbara’s Puffins cereal was recently featured in an issue of Natural Solutions Magazine as a breakfast option that’s “nutritious and delicious without the heaping spoonfuls of sugar and GMO ingredients found in others.” For more tasty, healthy breakfast options, check out the full article here.


The Health Ranger Applauds Barbara’s Commitment to Non-GMOs

Natural NewsHealth Ranger, Mike Adams, gave Barbara’s a big thumbs up in a recent article on NaturalNews.com! In the article, he states, “It now seems clear that Barbara’s is taking the track of transparency and working to win the loyalty of consumers by acting with ingredient integrity.” Check out the full article here.


KATU Loves Snackimals Cookies!


Barbara’s Snackimals Cookies were recently featured in a KATU segment showcasing delicious school lunch ideas from Healthy Grocery Girl! Check out the segment for some savory-sweet lunches you can take on the go! Watch it here.